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Monday 29 December 2008

December 2008

Tasty toes.

Trainspotting after a bath.

Family picnic for Christmas.

Wombat and Yeti.

Christmas Day.

November 2008

Bush babies.

The new veggie garden.


Decorating the Christmas tree.

Monday 19 November 2007

1 year & 7 months

23 September - 23 October 2007

Welcome to another month in the life of a Baby Wombat!

This has been a big month for exploring, and trying out new things. Here is Wombat trying on Mummy & Daddy's bed for size ...

It has also been the month of the pointing finger.

And where the pointing finger points, Mummy or Daddy must go - or risk a major meltdown! He is so determined about what he wants at the moment. The only problem is sometimes working out exactly what that is!

He has become much more adventurous and VERY rarely stays still for more than a few minutes in the day... I never realised how much energy a little boy has at this age - I'm flat out keeping up with him!

Here he is running down to throw a rock in the dam...

Does the world look different upside down?

Thankfully, Yeti has managed to replace the hot water system, because Wombat's new level of activity is requiring several showers a day!

Despite my best attempts to interest him in finger painting, he thinks dirt painting is much more challenging!

He also loves drawing with pen... I can't write anything at the moment without my pen being snatched away to make a Wombat work of art...

He does have pencils, and even uses them now and then... but his own pencils are nowhere near as much fun as something indelible...

The Valco playpen has been expanded once again, with the addition of a wooden wall, so Wombat now has half the loungeroom as his play area - and free access to the bedroom (an important part of potty training, as that is where his potty is kept).

Here is Wombat sitting at the table - in Daddy's chair - and reading his book to Mummy while she makes lunch. Favourite food at the moment is NOODLES!

To further expand Wombat's horizons this month, we have also removed the end of his bed - he can now crawl in and out whenever he wants to. No more can Mummy sit at the computer and hope he will go back to sleep. Now when he wakes up, he is "waked up to stay up and wake up the day!"

Though to Mummy's extreme relief, he does very regularly fall asleep and sleeps soundly - has to recharge those batteries somehow!!!

On the teething front, Wombat is cutting his canines this month - I am losing track of how many teeth he has now - a LOT!
Although he is very brave about the pain (and is much more likely to scream over emotional upsets than physical discomfort) I do think we will all be glad when this latest bout of teething is over.

Monday 24 September 2007

1 year & 6 months (18 months)

23 August - 23 September 2007

Favourite activity this month? DIGGING!

"Digging here... digging there... I take my shovel everywhere!"

With the welcome return of spring, our glorious King Parrots came back for a visit - and to nibble on some baby almonds. The red one is the boy - he's been visiting every spring for the last ten years. His girl in green is a more recent arrival of about 4 years. They are very intelligent, coming to the loungeroom window to attract my attention and get a feed of birdseed.

Luckily, Wombat woke up from his nap just in time to see them. (I put the seed on top of the old garbage bin, where he could watch them eating - I shall have to hang a proper feeder outside the window for him - it's the perfect spot for one.)

This month has seen the first eruption of molars, and they have certainly caused a LOT of DISruption - here Wombat has insisted on bringing Blankie to breakfast for a 'comfort chew'.

The dam has been a HUGE fascination this month, now the weather is getting warmer and Mummy is less paranoid about a Wombat wandering around in wet clothes. He LOVES to collect stones on the walk down to the dam and then sit and throw them into the water to see the splash. *PLOP*

And then there's digging...

and more digging...

So much digging, in fact, that we finally got around to buying and installing his long-promised birthday sandpit. WOOHOOO!

Now at first you might think this is another digging photo... but look at the shoes! Wombat has discovered that it is great fun to clomp around in Mummy's boots. Lol... I showed great restraint not taking this photo during nappy free time ;P because a naked Wombat wearing my boots is definitely a sight to see!

Stacking rocks in the bush - this is a first - normally it's Mummy who stacks/builds things and Wombat who knocks them down...

Our bush baby :D Now he is getting steadier on his feet, he likes to explore down wombat and wallaby trails and discover places he's never been before...

Mud! Mud! Glorious mud! (This is 'before'... I should have taken the 'after' photo as well...)

Daddy Yeti has been hunting eBay for the best bargains in Wombat-transportation... this little red wagon is sturdy enough to take the roughest bush tracks and is great for days when the teething has Wombat off balance and he can't walk far without stumbling... Wombat and Yeti have a great time collecting rocks for the garden in it!

Another (slightly less successful) experiment - Wombat's first tricycle. He loves it, but unfortunately it didn't last long on our rough roads - the parent-steering handle broke off. Not to worry - he will grow into the trike part soon enough and it only took Yeti a week to grab a stronger version for a few dollars plus the cost of the postage. This photo was taken by Papa on an overnight stay before his birthday cruise in Sydney. It was great that he had the chance to spend a morning with Wombat because the dreaded teething meant only Mummy got to go to the party.

Wombat showing Papa his beloved sandpit.

That's my boy!

Sorry to all my uncles and aunts who missed out on meeting Wombat (again)! I promise he does exist and we will try to bring him to visit you sometime soon!

Sunday 26 August 2007

1 year & five months

23 July - 23 August 2007

Playing on an old ant-nest... a graphic answer to Saira's question about whether boys really like to play in the dirt...

First trip to the beach - it was winter, cold and windy - but we still had lots of fun chasing seagulls and exploring rockpools.

Wombat loves mandarines, so he thinks it is wonderful now that he can pick his own!

Brushing Sox's tail :) She is becoming Wombat's cat and is very patient with him. Whenever he is out and about she will come and give him a kiss and rub against him until he eventually pushes her away.

Wombat and Nanna. Mummy had to be very sneaky to get a shot of them both smiling!

Digging with a stick...

and digging with a shovel... (can you guess what Wombat's favourite activity is at the moment???)

Wombat's first trip to a wildlife park - a picnic for Mummy's birthday. Here we are feeding the beautiful peacock.

Mummy went shopping and bought Wombat a pair of cherry-red boots (and a stack of books) instead of a birthday present for herself...

Feeding the deer with Daddy...